People can say what they want but I have been using hemp oil products on my head and body for only 4 days now. I have had psoriasis all of my life. I am 53 years old. Hemp seed oil is the ONLY thing I have ever used with positive results. My psoriasis has improved 150 percent just in 3 days. I recommend it to everyone!!!!!
Ramona J. Craig Feb 16, 2019
Plenty to know about CBD. My husband takes his twice a day for his seizures. He no longer has them as long as he takes his CBD.
Evelyn E. Thornton Jun 14, 2019
CBD oil is amazing. All my life I was a marijuana user and LOVED it until I started to experience the more negative side effects like paranoia and anxiety.
My first time trying CBD oil, the first thing I noticed was the absence of those things.
Yet I still got the relaxation and great feelings that are typical with pot usage. I’m an absolute convert. LOVE it!
Lance P. Passmore July 17, 2018
Can vouch for that!!! I used CBD Oil in August when I dislocated my elbow, broke my humerus and radius. Even after surgery until now for pain and recovery I continue to use CBD rather than prescribed narcotics. I was only expected to have 70% mobility back in my arm and so far have surpassed those numbers!!!
Carolina S. Melendez December 10, 2017
I had had amazing success using cbd oil for my anxiety. My friend was still having anxiety issues when she was using CBD oil too. Turns out she was using too much and it was making it worse.. she adjusted her dosage and her anxiety has been so much better
Maudie J. Schaefer December 03, 2017
From my personal experience CBD oil was a godsend. I began taking it about a year ago and noticed a difference in my anxiety almost immediately. I took it once in the morning and once at night for a few months. Not sure why but now I don’t need it all the time. Now I use it as needed. Good luck and I hope it works for you as good as it did for me.
Reginald N. Weiss May 13, 2018
Its actually very helpful to use when needing to sleep or function, I believe in micro-dosing, its a reliable way to feel the levels alter in ones body.
Marion J. Scott April 27, 2018
I swear by cbd hemp vape juice. Helped the pains i was getting in my legs, now i wouldnt be without it.
Anna M. Cort July 16, 2018
Ordered an oral oil from CBD Pure to help with slight anxiety and sleep issues and it works like a charm! Cannabidiol twice a day seems so much better than over the counter or prescription sleep meds, without the side effects.
Marie T. Gillespie april 21, 2018
After so long suffering unbearable join pain, I have finally found something that helps me get some relief. It isn't always as immediate as I would hope, but this topical has helped me get some sleep at night. I highly recommend trying it!
Sara E. Lew September 21, 2017
I have been using the hemp products for a few months and they have helped me in so many ways...I would recommend them to anyone they are truly amazing
Ethel J. Scott July 21, 2018
Loved this oil, very helpful for my pain issues associated with chronic Lyme.
Kathryn D. Giles april 21, 2018
I have enjoyed it so far & would probably reorder in the future.
Chad M. Medina September 21, 2017