Founder and CEO


Mr. Trusolino’s military career helped him to excel his professional growth and allowed him to obtain many academic and military credentials that pushed him physically, mentally and allowed him to value human life and all that it had to offer. Mr. Nick Trusolino graduated as the Top Candidate in Basic and Soldier Qualification courses and finished in second place at the Canadian Forces Military Police Academy graduating class.

Mr Nick Trusolino’s journey as a Canadian military man led him to develop CBD based products to help other military personnel carry out their daily routines. Mr Trusolino’s 12 year journey in the military led him to the belief that quality of life free from pain, suffering both mental and physical is paramount towards ones well being. Earth Choice Supply is a story that stems from the life of a proud Canadian military man who strives to protect his country and now has led him to helping Canadians and other people around the world develop and maintain a regimen that not only works for soldiers, athletes and other people trying to live and or maintain a normal lifestyle. Our line of premium grade products are designed to help enhance the future livelihood of our customers.

History and Birth of Earth Choice Supply

Mr Nick Trusolino suffered injuries while he was in the military one such in particular: left shoulder reconstruction surgery, which led him to develop CBD related products as he saw the beneficial uses of what it had to offer. Mr Trusolino was prescribed synthetic painkillers from his Base Hospital and he soon learnt the harmful effects of opioids on one’s body. Opioids in the short term reduce excruciating pain from post-surgery recovery, but are not a fix in terms of healing one’s soul. Currently, alternative medicine is on the rise and more and more people are fast becoming believers of what it has to offer since they have seen what wonders it is able to do for its consumers without the negative harmful longer term effects from its uses. CBD based products offer the same if not better results from its uses if the consumer takes the product on a consistent basis.

Who is the ideal Consumer for CBDs?

Any person over the age of 18 is an ideal candidate for consumption of CBDs. CBDs are safe for consumption and governments other health regulartory bodies are just starting to find out the benefits and preventive measure of CBD consumption from daily uses.

  • Whether you are an an athlete
  • Sick from any mental disorder
  • Battling cancer or other serious chronic diseases
  • Suffering from pain and other ailments
  • This method of alternative choice, offers a more natural, holistic alternative to opioids. In my research I was introduced to CBDs and began my search to acquire them. Much to my dismay I could not find the branded high quality CBD products online which so led our team to develop premium grade CBD products made from premium grade hemp.

Our team conducted extensive research, source and forge relationships in this emerging market and with legalization of cannabis and Hemp related products in Canada fast approaching, Earth Choice Supply Inc. was born and over the course of 2 years we have perfected and developed a line of products which we are happy to stand behind.


I vowed to bring the best sourced Hemp oil from Canada and abroad and provide the purest quality CBD products to market. WE strive to offer our products at a highly competitive cost to consumers with outstanding customer service.

Our site is also an educational portal on CBD related products, customer interactivity via blogs and reviews and easy and fast checkout process.

Also our money back guarantee guarantees you are not stuck with a product you may not believe in. But once you try our All Natural, Organic 3rd party tested product and notice the improvement in the quality of your life, you be grateful you didn’t.


It is my vision to educate and provide medically proven research to the consumer so they can make an informed choice. I envision Earth Choice Supply to be portal where our customers become apart of this growing and developing space and voice through open dialogue on our social media sites, to help breakdown the stereotypes and stigma of Hemp and Hemp related products. I strive to partner and forge relationships with other businesses and organizations to help promote, educate and participate in bringing awareness to this miracle plant and all of its health benefits.

Earth Choice Supply will be donating proceeds of sales to organizations and charities that will benefit anyone young or old, healthy or sick and to help our country’s and other countries veterans with an all natural source of relief from physical, mental and emotionally anxiety and stress. IT IS YOUR CHOICE!

Time to make a difference.