Botanicals: Plant Medicine For The Ages

Throughout human history, most medicines have been derived from plants. They seem to be safer and better suited to address disease, says Russo, especially “in contrast to the ‘silver bullet’ single chemical model that is most prevalent in contemporary Western medicine.”

“The synergistic effect of the group, or entourage, of plant constituents is always greater than the sum of its parts,” concludes Moriarty.

CBD is considered an “adaptogen,” meaning it is a non-specific remedy “that increase resistance to a broad spectrum of harmful factors (stressors) of different physical, chemical, and biological natures.” Basically, CBD interfaces with your body. How amazing is that? It’s plant intelligence at its finest.

“The plant meets you where you are at physiologically and this can bring on full defense or offense from the body, mind, spirit connection, depending on what’s up,” says Cherie Arnold, Founder and CEO of MediQI Energetics.

Think about it, if your ECS is deficient or out of whack, then it’s normal for you to feel disturbances while things level off and you reach homeostasis.

Arnold agrees.

“It’s often simply a healing crisis that is taking you to a different plateau, sometimes triggering pre-existing underlying ‘issues in our tissues’ that are up for healing or ready to be treated and resolved.”

With that said, CBD is well tolerated and presents no side effects, even in high therapeutic doses, adds Garyn Angel, the Creator of MagicalButter and founder of Cheers to Goodness and Culinary Cannabis Expert. “This fact astonishes scientists and is completely unique for a molecule with such a broad range of current and potential medical applications.”

If started on a regime, here are some effects to look out for.

    1. Reshaping of your body’s structure – this often shows up as weight loss, more energy, radiant looking skin (glow from within) and other physical effects.
    2. Sense of Stability – this often shows up as more agility and movement, and feeling stronger with more endurance. Less drama, more clarity.
    3. Health Repair – the ability to bounce back with better recovery after illness, allergies, toxin exposures, injuries, or chronic conditions.
    4. Mood Elevation – a greater sense of happiness and well-being with fewer “ups and downs.”
    5. Recurrence of chronic unresolved conditions. A healing crisis can occur, which means you can a bit worse but will eventually feel a whole lot better. This is a great time to look at the pattern that may be repeating.
    6. Better sustained performance along with greater mental clarity, focus, and a sense of awareness with increased sustained energy for whatever you are doing.
    7. Ongoing Sense of Calm, Mindfulness and Happiness –usually after six months of cumulative benefit.
    8. Greater Energy and noticeable reduction of symptoms, illnesses, and stressors allowing for a better sense of well-being.
    9. Resistance – If you stay with the program you may notice some minor temporary setbacks. Your body is adjusting because your conditions are being treated with proper nutrition, sometimes for the first time ever if you’ve never before optimized your diet.